Hi, Wolfgang here! Y’all can call me Wolfie or Wolf, if you like.

I’m here because I wanted a space online for myself, by myself, to help, y’know, myself, with venting and stuff. If you’ve stumbled across the page, just know I’m just here for screaming into the void. Feel free to chat, I’m always down for making friends!

Some basic info: I’m 18, love reading, writing, and drawing. I have two cats, Jack and Queen, who I love dearly, and I hope to one day have a snake and a small fish tank. I have wide variety of TV shows and movies that I love, and I love the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. My favorite book, hands down, is Good Omens. My favorite animals are leopards, cheetahs, and rainbow boas. I’m a Slytherin and a Pisces, and for those of you that read Homestuck, a Knight of Rage.

I have an Ao3 and Tumblr, so if you see some of my writing from here under the handle ‘guildedParadox’, don’t freak out. It’s just me.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Relax, stay a while. It’s all good.