I told y’all earlier about how I applied to a series of short stories, and was waiting for an answer? It’s here!

[hacker voice] I’M IN

I’m so excited??? It’s gonna be a long project, and really fun to do!! There’s gonna be a Kickstarter and everything. The proceeds for the books sold go to charity! If you guys wanna support this you can go to !!

This is so cool! Can’t wait to see what category I’m writing for!

😀 😀 😀


Shitty Racism Stereotype Shit

So I moved to an international area with my parents a few years ago. Now, when I read up on it, I was a bit concerned, bc it said a lot of things about how people develop racist views and shit, and I did not want to be That Guy. I thought it was gonna be a big thing. Only: I didn’t count on the international school bit. This is where it gets racist and weird:

So bc I’m in an international school, I actually had a lot of stereotypes broken that I hadn’t even realized I’d had. It has been great for getting me to be more open-minded towards people and cultures. But my parents seem to be having the opposite effect on them; they’ve, over the last few years, started stereotyping people from accent/race/country/etc, more and more. Like, “Oh, [person] that I’m working with that’s a client is from [country of origin], so I don’t trust them, y’know, those people are just [insert stereotype].” And at first, they’d even say “I’m not trying to be racist…” and I??? Just??? How can they not see what is happening to them? Like I’ve pointed it out and they scoff?

It’s frustrating that I’ve learned so much good, and they’re getting the opposite effect. I understand the research, now. 😦