Privacy Rant

So I just moved into a new house, right? And it’s those movers that unpack your shit. Not like sorting, they just take it out of the boxes and put it in stacks. That’s both cool and fast. I like that.

So the last few days I’ve been unpacking, right? As in sorting though stuff and re-arranging. My room was kind of a mess because of it, but I knew where things were and what to do. I’ve got this shit planned.

Rewind to a few months ago: my parents want to get a live-in maid. I’m like: ,,,,eh, I’d really not like it if a stranger lived in our house?? But it happened because it’s cheaper than weekly I guess. Fastforward to moving: I still don’t know her that well, and but she hasn’t triggered my weird trust issues yet, as mostly what she had done is straighten things up and clean.

So. I have all the stacks and stuff in my room. I have a PLAN. And I, to preserve my plan, ask her to not clean my room because I’m still sorting through stuff. She says ok, asks if she can just straighten a bit. I’m like. Eh, ok. Not comfortable with it, but not gonna be rude or whatever.

I get home that evening, and guess fucking what. All my sorting piles: gone. All my progress on finding anything: gone. My literal, actual furniture: MOVED. My belongings? She went through fucking everything.

Now I don’t have anything I don’t want people to see — this, though. This was a major invasion of privacy. This wasn’t just moving things to be able to walk. This destroyed all my progress of both unpacking, and with basic trust of my things. So not only was my plan  disrupted (which bc I’m autistic is really stressful for me), all of my personal belongings had been gone through by practically a stranger. In what way is MOVING FURNITURE straightening up???

So I stayed in my room, pissed off, until I was so upset I cried. Which just is more upsetting. And today I took my room keys and locked the door before I left because she caused my trust issues and anxiety to flare up. Thank for that.

Yesterday was stressful.


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